Borrowing Brains, Part III of V

5 Tips to Select and Get the Most Out of
Your A/V Design Consultant

Tip #3. Ask for References from Customers… and Integrators… and Follow Up!

This is a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually ask for references…or ask for them and never call them to get the scoop! I can’t stress this enough. TALK to other people who have worked with your potential A/V consultant.

Other customers will let you know how easy or difficult the consultant is to work with, and how well they handle issues with trades, on jobs where the consultant is the point man on the project. You want glowing reviews here, as you will be working closely with this consultant throughout your project and, while they may be charmers when you first meet, they could turn into nightmares as the work progresses.

Likewise, wherever possible, talk to A/V integrators and installers who have worked on projects with your potential consultant. There are some consultants who are sweet as honey to their clients, and charm the pants off of them throughout the entire process, but are a total nightmare to deal with on the integration front. Again, they are the exception rather than the rule, but it’s still a concern. The last thing you want when you are spending a great deal of time, money and effort on a new ‘show piece’ A/V system, is to deal with delays and unpleasantness from an integrator who is dealing with a bad attitude and bad design from the consultant. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time… but cover your bases and ask around.


Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Tip #4!

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