Borrowing Brains, Part IV of V

5 Tips to Select and Get the Most Out of
Your A/V Design Consultant

Tip #4. Consider Design/Build.

If you are in a non-bid or sole-source situation (a.k.a., most non-government jobs), consider pursuing a Design/Build project rather than using a separate consultant and integrator. This will often lead to a smoother, more seamless integration – “Too many cooks…” and all that – as well as providing a cost and productivity savings. With a Design/Build, your chosen A/V Integrator will actually be your consultant in addition to providing and installing your equipment.


This is more seamless because the person installing it actually knows how and why it was designed a certain way. The entire process, from initial meeting to final handover and training, is completed by one firm and there is a level of accountability and ownership on the job that can be lacking sometimes on bid/spec jobs. The integrator knows first-hand which pieces of equipment work best in particular situations, and also how to work around or deal with common problems. And, you never have to waste valuable project time while your integrator tries to figure out exactly what the consultant was thinking or had in mind when he or she designed something.Additionally, Design/Build projects can be a real cost-saver! Most, if not all, of the Integration firms that offer this service will waive their Consultation fee for projects that come through as Design/Build projects. And, honestly, speaking as an Integrator here for a moment, Design/Builds are just more fun than bid and spec work. And fun can equal better work, because we enjoy it. Everyone knows, humans put more effort and energy into things they enjoy than in things that are just routine work! So, if you aren’t required to go through a bid process, try Design/Build.


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