DTV Transition Update

The latest on the 700 mHz Transition from the FCC!

As I am sure you have all heard by now, the US House of Representatives revisited the DTV Transition deadline yesterday, voting 264-148 in favor of a bill to delay the Transition date from February 17 to June 12. This means the House passed the delay, which was passed by the Senate last week. The bill now moves to President Obama for his signature – an almost-certainty since the Obama Administration has been backing this delay all along.


Unclear at this point is the status of the 700 mHz (or “white space”) transition. To this point, the white space transition has been tied to the DTV transition, meaning that February 17th, while the television broadcasts in analog ceased, the use of 700 mHz microphones and other devices were to become illegal. Now, there is confusion regarding this issue. Will the prohibition of 700 mHz mics and other devices proceed on the 17th as previously announced? Or will companies still using those devices get a reprieve until June?

AVDawn has spoken with a representative of a major microphone manufacturer AND an FCC information officer this morning. So far, neither has gotten word regarding this issue. As the woman from the FCC said, “This just happened. We’re still waiting for official word of the delay before we can begin to formulate policy.” So, keep checking back. As soon as AVDawn hears, you will hear!

In the mean time, I recommend taking action now. Better to be prepared too soon than too late! Don’t risk your company (or your clients’ companies) – Call your A/V firm (or your clients, if you ARE an A/V firm) and make the switch NOW. Several microphone manufacturers are offering trade-in rebates for 700 mHz mic systems. You should take advantage of those rebates and rest easy that your company will be prepared and legal, regardless of when the ultimate 700 mHz change over occurs!

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