Recession, Seshmession!

A Cheery Friday Babble:

Okay, so… Earlier in the week, I promised a review/report on my recent Digital Signage installation/set up, and I said it would be posted by the end of the week.

It’s Friday.

Ah, nuts.

*hangs head in shame* Before Monday? I’ll get it posted before Monday!

But, I was not procrastinating. I really wasn’t! Because my A/V company has been busy as all get out.


This week, we’ve had installers out in the field every day (including the new guy we just hired!) and our designers and sales folk have been hopping with quotes, bids, and design-builds coming through the door. Now, as with any flurry of potential work, there’s no guaranteed conversion of it all to sales. Still, even if a fraction of it hits, we’ll be busy for a while to come. And that’s a good thing, given the economic outlook these days!

But call me a raging optimist… (“You’re a raging optimist, AVDawn!”) I just don’t think that the A/V industry is going to be utterly killed by this recession. I had a long talk yesterday with a prominent industry writer (a regular in S&VC and Pro AV magazines) and we discussed this very issue. Every person she’s interviewed has said the same thing: a slight slow-down, but no real crisis. By the end of our convo, we’d come to the conclusion that, while the economy will slow down A/V and may even cause some companies to close their doors forever, the industry itself will survive with just a hiccough in our growth curve. Not a decline, more a slowing of growth for a bit. And those companies that are agile, smart or lucky enough to weather the storm will be that much stronger and poised for greater things once the current issues are past.

Now, my own company is a small business. We’re the biggest of the little guys in our area… or is that the smallest of the mid-size guys? Either way, we’re not the huge monster corporations that can ride out a recession on sheer size and existing capital. However, this recent upsurge in work we’ve been experiencing gives me some serious happy’s that we’re gonna be one of the survivors! Woo-hoo! (Of course, the total slacker in me wishes it would slow down just an eensy bit… I don’t have time to goof off! LoL)

So, that being said, I have to log off for now. I’ve got three more quotes to do before I leave for the weekend. In an hour. Oy!

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