AV Dawn – M.I.A. No More!

Apologies, Faithful Readers! But I have returned!

Greetings, all! If you’ve been checking out the blog, you will notice a great sucking void from mid-February until today. No, AV Dawn did not get accidentally locked in an equipment closet or banished to a redundant training course. Rather, AV Dawn had a rather nasty plague and could not find it in herself to attempt an informative and (hopefully) witty discourse on matters technical whilst medicated and still unable to breathe!Now, however, the plague is gone! Well, apart from a lingering wheeze and nagging cough… However, I *am* functioning and I *am* barely medicated now. So, here I am! I *know* you are excited, right? LoLSo, c’mon back tomorrow when I’ll be doing a recap of some of the exciting, interesting or odd AV and Technology news stories that broke during the plague. Until then, cheers!

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