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So, it’s been a million years since I posted last… or at least, it seems that way. In truth, things have been crazy-busy in the life of AVDawn since last we met. Despite the recession, things are hopping at Advanced Video Systems. Every day for the past two weeks, I’ve either been on a site visit, working on proposals or starting the purchasing process for new projects we’ve won. And since our installers have been on job sites non-stop, I’m feeling pretty confident about weathering this downturn… well, at least through July or so. Then again, part of my job is making sure that the streak continues, so – busy, busy bee for me! bzzzzzzzz. ^_^

In addition to the uptick in actual work, AVDawn has been out and about on the professional development front over the past month. Two seminars hosted by the county’s Small Business Development Council have provided a LOT of great ideas and procedures to keep the company on the go and in the spotlight. While some of these have been AVS policy all along, there are a few GREAT new tips in there. Plus, the SBDC representatives have a lot of info on the new SBA loan programs and a plethora of upcoming opportunities coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. So much info, I’ll be going through my notes in the next few weeks and sharing some here! (Though not *too* much… Gotta protect that competitive advantage they talk about so much in business school! LoL)

And, of course, there have been a lot of industry events in the past month. AVDawn has been to two Infocomm events, one rep firm’s manufacturer expo, and a number of manufacturer webinars. Talk about a lot of info! I could write two or three blogposts on each event… and probably will, once I have the chance to review my notes. So, don’t stray too far and keep on reading, or better yet, subscribe to the blog! That way you won’t miss one drop of that juicy info coming your way! Plus, the best is yet to come – It’s less than a month til Infocomm `09! I hope to be blogging and tweeting live from the show floor, so stay tuned!

OH! A P.S!

AVDawn is now the Baltimore Business Technology writer for the Examiner.com. So, c’mon over and check out my articles. Some will be repeat content from this blog, but there will be some great new articles focusing specifically on the Mid-Atlantic region, too. The first article is now online at the Baltimore Business Technology page. Enjoy!

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