A Busy Spring…

So, another hiatus for AVDawn, but this time, I tell ya, I had a few darned good excuses!In March of this year, after fighting through the brunt of the recession, MrAVDawn and I decided to cut our losses and dissolve the partnership we made two years ago that made us part-owners of a small mom-and-pop AV Integrator. MrAVDawn immediately went to work for a larger integrator in the MidAtlantic region that specializes in government contracts, particularly secure VTC centers. Exciting stuff, as he joined the firm right off the bat as a Senior Design Engineer. He loves the new gig, and the new gig seems to be loving him.As for me, I took a LONG-NEEDED month off from work and focused on finishing my first graduate degree. For those who’ve been paying attention, AVDawn started a dual-degree Masters program at the University of Maryland about the same time we became part-owners of the integration firm. As of April of this year, AVDawn is now the proud owner of a Master of Science degree in Technology Management, Information Systems… aka, “the masters degree available at the university that is closest to AV since the educational world hasn’t caught on that AV is a real industry so we have to take IT and IT-related degrees instead.” Not that I’m annoyed by that or anything. Just saying…So, I finished the first degree in the program and then started the process of looking for a new job. I started hitting some great resources – LinkedIn network and recruiters, the rAVe job board, the TechCrunch job board, and the biggie – the Infocomm JobSite. Fortunately, posting Ye Olde Resume on the Infocomm JobSite does wonders if you have half a clue about our industry… I got several offers and ended up trading in my integrator hat for a new one – Sales Executive for PIVOD Technologies. I’m basically a manufacturer’s rep-slash-sales weasel for this company, the first time I’ve outright been a single-product sales person. My territory includes the entire MidAtlantic region and now I get to run around to all my former competitors – the integrators – as well as the region’s consultants to introduce my new company, it’s products and it’s benefits to them.

The upshot is that I’m taking the summer off from the grad program to get the new job underway, and then recommitting in the fall to getting those last three classes to finish the MBA degree. In the meantime, I am now REQUIRED to attend Infocomm rather than BEGGING to go… though I’ll now be booth-bound most of the week. So, if you are coming to the show this coming week, stop by Booth #3275 to see PIVOD’s products and say hi to AVDawn!

I’ll be a busy girl at Infocomm this year, but I’ll try to get another post up from Orlando… in between being a PIVOD booth-babe (lol!) and working the party-scene like we all enjoy so well at the show! See you in Orlando!

P.S. In case you hadn’t noticed, I also took some of my time off and completely redesigned the blog and my Twitter profile page. Hey, least I could do after abandoning you for a few months is to come back all schnazzy! Hope you like it! (And I hope y’all will be patient over the next bit while I tweak the new layout for ease in reading! Cheers!)

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