Post Infocomm Wrap-Up

I had planned a nice, long post-Infocomm wrap up for this space, but (as per usual) life intervened. So, that blog will be forthcoming (I hope). In the mean time, I am still hard at work on some Infocomm coursework I started last month and looking ahead to resuming my MBA classes this fall. I am also again on the job market, the new trial sales position having not worked out to our mutual satisfaction. But, it is the 4th of July this weekend and a GREAT time of year to catch up on all my tech reading and home projects while I investigate new opportunities. Yes, I’m back on the Infocomm JobSite, rAVe job board, TechCrunch job board and LinkedIn recruiters. And, hey, if you know of anyone in the Mid-Atlantic region looking for a qualified and experienced AV person, let me know!

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