2011 Goes Boom – Bring on 2012!

New Year's Eve 2011It’s New Year’s Eve… the end of 2011. It has been a crazy year in general – for the world, for our nation, for the economy, and both personally and professionally for AVDawn.

I will not bore you with endless lists and recaps of 2011, nor will I take this time to play perfect prognosticator and attempt to predict the possibilities post-midnight in 2012.  (Nice alliteration, eh? ^_^)

Rather, I wanted to share a few happy bits of media with you that are appropriate for this festive time of calendar changing.  First, a look back at the movies of 2011, remixed for YouTube by hatinhand.  This video montage includes 166 films, 6 songs, over a month of uploading and editing and 40 untitled sequences in Avid.  Plus, it’s really cool.

Next, we have AVDawn’s favorite year-end tradition (right up there with Rockin’ New Years Eve and a rousing chorus of Auld Lang Syne at midnight).  You see, I’m a fan of many different music genres, but I particularly enjoy the mash-up.  For the uninitiated, a mash-up is a new or unique piece of music created by remixing two or more songs.  Mash-ups are most often found in dance clubs and online.

Well, since 2007, a genius fellow named DJ Earworm (www.djearworm.com) has paid homage to the end of the year by creating a mash-up of the year’s top songs.  The very first was titled “The United State of Pop” with subsequent versions spinning off from that name.  The 2011 edition, just released on December 26, is “The United State of Pop 2011: World Go Boom.”  Enjoy it… and talk to you next year!  Here’s to 2012!


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