NAB-Goers! Visit Booth SU10519!

I’m not at NAB this week, but if I were, I’d be stopping byWounded Warrior Project logo Booth SU10519 to visit Cabletime USA.  Cabletime is the manufacturer of MediaStar TV, Multimedia and Digital Signage Delivery Systems.

Okay, I’ll be honest here. I don’t know much at all about Cabletime and their MediaStar product. Seriously.  Like, I’ve heard of it in passing. It could be the best thing on the planet for that application, or it could be the absolute worst.  But what I do know is that the folks at Cabletime are good people.

You see, for every registered visitor to booth SU10519 at NAB this week, Cabletime will donate a dollar to the Wounded Warrior Project. All you have to do is stop in at booth SU10519 and let them scan your badge. Yes, you’ll probably then get marketing mail from Cabletime for a while, but you’ll also be helping combat-disabled service men and women readjust to civilian life and the new challenges they face in overcoming their injuries.

Wounded Warrior Project is a cause dear to my heart, and if I were in Vegas this week, I’d be dragging folks over to booth SU10519 personally!  Since I’m not, however, I figure a shout-out here will have to do.  Go swipe your badge at SU10519 and help a Wounded Warrior who sacrificed his or her health defending our country.  And if it turns out that Cabletime’s MediaStar distribution over IP and CAT-5/UTP products live up to their hype, you’ve found a great product as well as helping our Wounded Warriors.

To learn more about Wounded Warrior Project and its projects on behalf of our veterans, visit

To learn more about Cabletime and MediaStar, GO TO BOOTH SU10519 and swipe your NAB badge!  (Or go to if, like me, you aren’t at NAB.)

As the daughter of a WWII vet, daughter-in-law of a Vietnam vet and sister/cousin/niece/aunt of veterans from every branch of US Military Service, AVDawn hopes you too will support your local Wounded Warriors and veterans. <3

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