A Contrarian’s View of the 3-D Craze


Okay, so I’m not generally one to buck industry trends entirely, but I have to say, I’m simply not on this 3-D bandwagon. Since 2008, we’ve been inundated with 3-D as the be-all, end-all of coming AV display trends. At the 2010 Infocomm, you couldn’t swing a swagbag without smacking a 3-D projector, 3-D flat-panel display, or 3-D player for those displays. This week’s CES event headlines are also 3-D heavy: “Tablets, Dual-Core Phones and 3-D Cameras: 2011’s Hottest Gadget Trends” – “What to Expect from CES 2011: Androids, Tablets And 3D TVs” – “How Blu-ray Could Speed Up 3D TV Adoption” – and so on. In fact, 3-D mania has even invaded kids’ games and telephones, with 3-D handheld video game systems and 3-D screen smartphones on sale or on the way to store shelves. It’s everywhere. So why am I bucking the 3-D trend? Well, there are several reasons.

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Convergence, Nothing – That’s Commoditization!

IT takes square-aim at the AV Integration market. Enough’s enough!

So, the other evening, I’m sitting at home relaxing with my husband-slash-business partner when he looks up from his laptop with an outraged mien and exclaims, “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” (or slightly more profane words to that effect). Of course, I ask, “What’s up?” and he directs me to the Dell website, where, amongst an ever-increasing list of AV products and services being sold by this computer giant, we spied the magic word: Crestron. This morning, a tweet from RAVE news pointed out that CDW, another IT monster, is also selling Crestron… direct to end users… at a single-digit markup. To quote Slim Pickins, “What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here??”

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At Long Last! The Digital Signage Review!

Samsung MagicNet™ Digital Signage Systems

Several weeks ago, our company installed a digital signage system for a local government agency. We went with the Samsung MagicNet system and could not be more thrilled with the result. Most digital signage systems to date have been comprised of an LCD monitor, a PC connected to that monitor (either directly or via network) and the signage hardware and software. This ‘traditional’ digital signage setup can be complex, costly and complicated to troubleshoot with several different potential failure points.

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Recession, Seshmession!

A Cheery Friday Babble:

Okay, so… Earlier in the week, I promised a review/report on my recent Digital Signage installation/set up, and I said it would be posted by the end of the week.

It’s Friday.

Ah, nuts.

*hangs head in shame* Before Monday? I’ll get it posted before Monday!

But, I was not procrastinating. I really wasn’t! Because my A/V company has been busy as all get out.

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Catching Up!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted for one very good reason. AV Dawn has been out in the field! That’s right, faithful readers. Last week, I was unshackled from the desk and spent a large part of the week on a job site, installing and programming a new digital signage network. Stay tuned, as I’ll be blogging/reviewing this particular system, later this week, based on my experiences.

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Borrowing Brains, Part V of V

5 Tips to Select and Get the Most Out of
Your A/V Design Consultant

Tip #5. Know What You Want the System to Do and Communicate It!

If you learn nothing else from this article, learn this! I cannot stress enough how important communication is in ANY A/V project! You are the client. Without you, there is no need for consultants or integrators! Now, you don’t have to know every technical detail about every component or things like that. That’s why you HIRE a consultant (design or design/build) to begin with… so you don’t NEED to know! However, you should have a general idea of:

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Borrowing Brains, Part IV of V

5 Tips to Select and Get the Most Out of
Your A/V Design Consultant

Tip #4. Consider Design/Build.

If you are in a non-bid or sole-source situation (a.k.a., most non-government jobs), consider pursuing a Design/Build project rather than using a separate consultant and integrator. This will often lead to a smoother, more seamless integration – “Too many cooks…” and all that – as well as providing a cost and productivity savings. With a Design/Build, your chosen A/V Integrator will actually be your consultant in addition to providing and installing your equipment.